Interior Design

Sciuè Pizza in Teglia

The second family format for Sciuè, the Vesuviano sandwich, for which Archilovers has awarded us the “best design award”.

A space overlooking the main pizza of the village, Piazza Giovanni Leone (the old Piazza Primavera): four windows, one of which a side unleash our imagination: imagine a concept with the imposing bill. The counter on which the pizza is laid enters the side window thus making the road a stage: the laboratory is all in sight, enclosed behind a glass capsule from which the customer can follow all the processes, from preparation to cooking on which, as hastag, all the advantages of our product are reported: #stone-ground flour, #long leavening.

To the left of the laboratory there is a long sales counter: over seven meters are home to the pizza pan ready for sale, kept in an extra-clear glass case. Behind the counter, centrally to this space there is the column of the finishing oven, well highlighted by the green bottle tiles with the kraklè effect.

On its sides are placed the two Spanish boiserie billings on which will be placed the products used for the creation of pizzas.

The restaurant looks like a monochromatic box: gray is the master and amplifies the colors of toppings in baking trays: refined ingredients, products that are not easy to find and subject to seasonality.

Twenty-five seats between snacks, low chairs and the comfortable three-meter sofa, host the delicious break of customers who, choosing the topping closest to their tastes, can taste the product by looking at the life of the square.

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