An interesting project: revitalize the old premises of Irsvem, a plant with annexed mythology dating back to the 80s. An important location: over 300 square meters overlooking the small port of Baia. So we think that a vaguely retro design, ensured by coatings that resemble the dyed wood of fishermen’s houses, makes the shopping experience a sensory journey. The customer, crossed the threshold of entry, has the impact with the totality of the offer, well communicated by a precise iconic system.

It starts with the oysters passing the seafood aquarium to follow the bins of mussels. The fish is assigned the central position (5 meters is the exposure to it deified) to follow the stocafisso and baccalà post and in the end the Aquarium for crustaceans. A peculiar feature for the concept is geographical positioning. The structure is located on a quay overlooking the sea (the reason of the name), which also serves as a landing point from which part of the raw material given by local fishermen arrives.

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