Interior Design


Bradoburger bases its raison to be on the selection of farmed meats in the wild. Carefully selected raw materials in order to offer a very high-end product, rich in taste but in line with the high standards of health. A food concept based on transparency, infact entering you immediately have the impact with what are the focal points of the activity: the cell with the meat on sight, the kitchen, also in sight and the delicatessen, a window from which they can see the meats and cheeses that will brighten the palate served on wooden or marble cutting boards.

The elements used refer to the classic concept of butchery, so the marble is the main cover for the imposing 5 meter long bench that’s where the dishes for the room start, where the brewery beers of the village are tapped (strictly artisan partner), and where is located the cash desk. In the local are dished approximately 50 covers, well arranged, divided in capitonnè sofas and chairs in perfect two-tone ’40s style. For this place we have taken care of the design, supply of furniture, mise en place and packaging.

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