Biliardo 65

A pizzaria (the word intentionally with an archaic accent!) With cuisine in the heart of the historic center of Nola, a city steeped in history and culture that was the home of Giordano Bruno. The concept is born of the desire to link the format to the territory and to the tradition connected to the main product of the offer. Tuff and bricks are structural materials that have emerged from the de-plastering of the wall in respect of the origins. From the first use of the premises, a billiard room, the first of the country, begins the design of the brand identity: the theme of the game enriches the walls with the wallpaper designed in the studio and then printed, depicting the joker, the goddess, billiard balls and a quote from Cervantes.

The structure is made up of two rooms: in the first one, where the entrance is located, there are the first 8 tables, the oven of pizzas built on site with refractory stone, the beverage counter, an exhibition wall, the workbench and the reception/cash desk. Through an opening covered in sheet iron, you enter the other room from which, through a large window, you can see the kitchen. The cast iron table tops, Carrara marble tops, the wooden chairs and the vintage leather armchairs help to make the mood markedly hipster. The lighting is entirely Wever & Ducrè forniture. The restaurant is present in the Wever & Ducrè 2017 catalogue.

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